Rex Direct Net Selects Cake for Running Show


Cake Marketing, the SaaS division of Accelerize New Media, Inc.  announced its partnership with Rex Direct Net, a leading performance based marketing agency focused on lead generation, call center, affiliate, pay-per-call and mobile marketing. Under the terms of the agreement, Cake Marketing provides the tracking and analytics infrastructure for Rex Direct Net enabling the expansion of network operations and the creation of new streams of revenue. For over a decade Rex Direct Net has focused on verticals ranging from legal, healthcare, insurance, online education and home improvement. The design of the Cake Marketing platform tracks all conversions from each revenue channel in real-time, displayed in a unified dashboard thus saving time and increasing efficiency for advertisers, publishers and the internal operations team.

According to eMarketer, by 2015 advertisers will spend $132.1 billion annually for online advertising, as advertisers are shifting their investment in online advertising across multiple channels to drive greater lead generation, customer acquisition and revenue. Seamless third party integrations and a robust user interface generate greater return on investment for Cake Marketing software clients. Online marketers now have the ability and opportunity to break into niche markets such as pay-per-call and mobile marketing.

“When laying the blueprint for our technology platform, we strategically built the foundation for a scalable solution that can be molded to fit unique and innovative online marketing business models,” said Jeff McCollum, President of Cake Marketing. The Cake Marketing platform can seamlessly fit the needs of the small-scale, entry-level marketer as well as large-scale brands and advertisers looking to grow their business model and expand into new markets.

Cake Marketing’s feature rich platform offers a suite of services designed, built and tested for the online advertiser looking to optimize revenue and increase efficiency.

“The partnership with Cake Marketing has opened up a multitude of revenue generating opportunities for Rex Direct Net by integrating our call center, pay-per-call and mobile marketing channels. Cake Marketing’s single dashboard simplifies set up and reporting for partners and clients alike. I could not imagine running my company successfully without a reliable hosted software solution. It is essential to our business,” said Jennine Rexon, President of Rex Direct Net.

The Cake Marketing Software-as-a-Service affiliate tracking and lead distribution platform provides the foundation for performance based marketers, agencies, and advertisers to successfully track and manage their online network operations. In addition, Cake Marketing’s robust API allows for seamless integrations with a multitude of third party services for companies expanding their marketing initiatives.

Additional Information

About Cake Marketing
Cake Marketing is a highly scalable SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) platform providing a comprehensive and complete online tracking solution for advertisers — from acquisition through conversion. Cake Marketing is a tracking platform available to clients based on a monthly license and usage fee. Easy-to-use wizards and real-time reporting guide users through every step of managing and optimizing campaigns. Seamless integration with other services through a developed API eliminates bottlenecks while increasing return on investment for advertisers. For more information or a demo please visit or call 949-548-CAKE.

About Rex Direct Net
Rex Direct Net is a performance based marketing agency with over a decade of experience running a business across multiple channels and verticals. Technical innovation, industry knowledge and experience lay the groundwork for the Rex Direct Net business model. The company supports its clients with valuable and leading edge strategies to grow their businesses while managing risk and reward. Solutions include affiliate marketing, pay-per-call, lead generation, call center and mobile marketing. Rex Direct Net has been named by numerous publications as one of the top Women Owned businesses in New Jersey, and Jennine Rexon as a leader within the performance marketing industry. For more information please visit or call 888-572-3244.

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