QR Codes Might Be Proven Useless


It seems that more and more people are talking whether or not QR codes are useful. As some people pointed out, QR codes pretty much drive nothing to anyone. Well, in order to test this there is an experiment in Reading, England that will decide what the English think of QR Codes. In fact, according to these guys, QR Codes will retire completely this year,

Outdoor media owner JCDecaux and media firm Kinetic have installed 325 posters all over the area, near Heathrow Airport to see if the technologies work and actually engage consumers.

During the trial, 12 brands–Test the Near Future, are EA Games, H&M, ITV2, Lucozade Sport, Lynx, Magnum, Mercedes, Morrisons, Toni&Guy, Universal DVD, Universal Special Projects, and Vaseline–will take turns to providing content for consumers to download  using NFC contactless technology, or via a QR app if their handset does not support NFC.

Hopefully some real number will come out of this, and find what many people are already know, that no one really does care about snapping photos of pictures to get to a website. Still, will be an interesting study. However, it will only show what people driving while traveling to Heathrow which might not be much of a study in itself.

What's your opinion?