Is FourSquare Doomed for Failure?


Despite the initial fascination with Location based check-in services, it seems that these services, especially FourSquare are having a great deal of trouble facing adoption. In fact, some studies and research show that people are just not checking-in to anything anymore, and have no interest in sharing all the time where they are.

Even FourSquare’s CEO told TechCrunch:

People are using the app, but they’re not checking in. I asked myself: did we break something? But in fact, it’s because people are using Foursquare to look for where their friends are, to find things, and as a recommendation service. It’s almost like it doesn’t occur to them to check in.

FourSquare faces a significant issue because frankly, everyone is already on Facebook that provides a simple service to add one’s location. Even Facebook bought Gowalla and then shut it down, three months later, seeming to understand that having a separate service was useless.

Let’s also be honest, with all the privacy concerns popping up, how many people really want long term an app that makes it easier for people to stalk you?

Either way, the idea of location based check-in and apps should interest marketers of all kinds, because it would allow better targeting and provide some sort of revenue opportunity for affiliates. Imagine having a program that would allow you to target those who are at a restaurant with possible after-dinner reservations? Whoever figures these mobile type ads and introduces them to the performance marketing environment will have a sure fire revenue stream. The only problem here is how to get people to adopt these services long term.

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