6 Tips to Curate and Create Valuable Content


Content is important for running a successful online business. You need good, engaging content to give value to your prospects/consumers in order to build trust, increase your credibility, get more leads or boost your sales.

One effective way to come up with fresh and valuable content is to through content curation.

Curating content is nothing but discovering and collecting useful info from all over the web related to your topic and present it in a creative manner. By bringing all the good pieces of content in one place, you develop real value for your target audience.

The following article talks about 6 effective tips to successful curate content.

#1: Focus on the Best – Always keep in mind that the reason why you’re curating content is to give something unique and purposeful to your audience. This means that you need to go for the best sources to find the content to curate. Quality here is more important than quality.

#2: Fill in the Gaps – There’s a sea of content already available online on every imaginable topic. However, there are still unanswered questions that people regularly have. These are the gaps that you need to fill in with your curated content. The more you work on finding content that is unexplored, the better results you will get.

#3: Stay on Topic – When you curate content the right way, you get branded as an expert in your niche, which means that you will have to put all your effort into one single area, topic or issue. You can’t start talking about one topic and then drift away from it – stability really matters here. The fact remains that you can’t be an expert on everything and that’s exactly why you shouldn’t dilute your expertise by going off topic.

#4: Make Freshness Count – You should try and show your readers that you know what you’re talking about. Providing the best curated content requires you to stay on top of your subject or topic. By continuously keeping your readers updated with the most fresh content, you will avoid the risk of losing their attention. Remember, people want to stay ahead these days and your content should help them succeed.

#5: Add Your Opinion – Content curation is not just about finding a bunch of links and posting them under one topic. You need to give your own view and add your opinion or commentary to the content you’re curating. Infusing a few lines of your original content not only improves the response from your curated content, but also solidifies your expert position in the eyes of your readers. However, make sure you’re not going overboard with it – you don’t need to write big paragraphs, sometimes a few lines are enough to prove your point.

#6: Organize Intelligently –  The key to good curation is neat organization of the content you discover. Finding content and sharing it is one thing, but finding it and sorting it out the right way is something different. By smartly organizing content, you create more value and less resistance from your readers.

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