3 Effective Ways to Infuse Life Into Your SEO Content


Creating SEO friendly content is not rocket science. If you’ve always thought that it takes some special skill to write stuff that can help you get ranked well – think again. SEO friendly content is more about the people and less about the search engines. The content you create is going to be consumed by human readers, not the search engine bots.

Your focus should be on giving quality and relevancy to your visitors. The search engines don’t want you to write boring articles that don’t get read. They want your content to be informative and entertaining at the same time. You’ll end up killing your page if you over-optimize it. Where’s the fun in that?

Here are 3 effective ways to make your SEO content come alive:

1) Write to Educate, Not Rank – Search engines aim at giving the best value to their users. So technically speaking, the content you create should be targeted towards people. It’s easy to write an article that is stuffed with your keywords, but ask yourself, will it be a good read? Will your readers enjoy consuming the information you’re presenting?

If you want to create interesting content then you should aim at educating your visitors in the best possible way. People like being taught, instructed, led by hand – do that and you’ll win their trust along with more backlinks that ultimately lead to higher search engine rankings.

2) Do Smart Keyword Research – Good keyword phrases are the backbone of a successful SEO campaign. While it’s important to write content that people like, it’s also equally important that you write about what is in demand. There has to be a balance between what you write and how you write it.

When you conduct keyword research intelligently, you’re not just looking at traffic. You’re also looking for keywords that are highly relevant to the theme of your website. If you select keyword phrases that are vague then it will most definitely affect the quality of your content. It’ll turn out to be mechanical instead of being lively.

3) Evolve with Your Market – It’s a known fact that markets are ever changing. If you want to create great SEO content on a regular basis, you will have to keep up with the latest trends. By evolving with your market, you’ll be able to keep your content fresh and happening.

People don’t like stale information, they want something they can use today. Search engines know this, which is why they give high preference to sites that are regularly updated. Content that is current and informative almost always wins. It not only manages to impress the search engines, but also creates a win-win situation for you and your visitors.

One way to keep tab on your market is to be an avid reader, by tapping into various news sources and subscribing to relevant blogs within your industry. This keeps you ahead of your competition and helps you come up with content ideas that people are hungry for.

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