Creating a More Engaging SEO Landing Page


In the SEO world, any page that your visitor lands on is your landing page. And if this page isn’t engaging enough, you lose points, and the visitor. Here’s how to create a more engaging SEO landing page that gets people interested in what you’re offering and makes them take action.

Connect to People, Not Bots

Getting your website ranked is only the first part of the equation. The real challenge is converting your visitors into leads or sales. If your traffic isn’t giving you business, it’s as good as nothing.

The search engines have evolved over the years. They are a lot more intelligent than what they used to be. In the early days, you only had to focus on a few simple factors to get top rankings in the most competitive markets. Things have drastically changed now; there’s more to SEO than stuffing your page with keywords.

If you want to get some real world results with SEO, impress people, not the bots. Writing good copy is imperative if you seek to connect to your target audience, and at the same time solidify your relationship with the search engines.

If you want more out of your organic traffic then tell your visitors what they want to hear. Give them the value that they’re craving for. Show them the problems they’re facing and then lead them towards solutions. It’s no longer about creating web pages – it’s about creating experiences.

The Power of ‘You’ Over ‘I’

The moment you realize the power of ‘You’, you’ll outrank your competition. It’s as simple as that.

Ask yourself, what exactly does my page convey? Is it focused more on I, me and myself? Or it’s more about the people I’m targeting? Is it talking to them? About them?

Remember, no body’s interested in how amazing your company is or how it took you 3 years to create the best software tool on the planet. People are people – they’ll always focus on themselves before anything.

If you want to make your SEO landing page more engaging, then grab them by the eyeballs. Don’t waste your time trying to be too mysterious – get to the point. Talk about what they want. Elaborate on their desires. Stop them from hitting the back button.

Get their attention with a big, bold headline. Break down your content into digestible chunks – smaller paragraphs and short sentences. Use a call to action that makes an impact and is crystal clear.

Structure It the Right Way

If your page fails to grab the attention of your visitors in the first ten seconds, it simply fails. Structuring your page the right way is crucial – it can make or break it.

Look at your page as a funnel, where people narrow down towards the call to action. Your main content goes above the fold, and everything else below it.

Finally, the performance of your SEO landing page depends on a number of factors, which is why you need to keep testing. Restructure it from time to time, make changes and play around with different ideas. Sometimes even a tiny tweak can make a big difference to your page’s engagement level.

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