Why I hate Idiotic Intro Mails from Affiliate Managers


On a weekly basis I receive at least a dozen introduction emails from affiliate managers looking to do business with me. They somehow have received a list of people within the industry and are sending out general emails to people about their programs. Since I’m not an affiliate, per se, and spend most of my time either writing or advising companies about their affiliate programs, so I’m a poor contact in first place.

Here’s an example of an idiotic email from a guy that was spammed to me this morning.

Hi I am writing this mail to you on behalf of Tyroo Media Pvt Ltd.

We are looking to partner with international publishers for promoting our campaigns in India.

To give you little insight – Tyroo is one of the largest media buying partners in India dealing with more than 40 advertisers across categories like retail, travel , classifieds ,BFSI , auto etc for online promotion . Group On (SoSasta), shine.com, naukri , simply marry ,Apollo munich , Citi bank  , Microsoft , yahoo messenger, MMT , fashion&you , bagittoday ,Letsbuy ,  dealsandyou, Koovs, godrej powerplay, gojiyo, Myntra, 20North are some of our advertisers . We are working on different revenue models like CPL,CPA and many more. We would like to partner with you for our advertisers.

I am mailing you the link and request you to join our network.  (link removed)

Please let me know if you need any help or in case you have any query.

I would appreciate if we can discuss this in detail.

Looking forward to your reply,

Shwetank Pandit
Skype id: imidiot
BD Executive at Tyroo Media Pvt Ltd

As I mentioned, this guy is an idiot in the first place, spamming a list that contains, among other things, members of the performance marketing media. On top of that, the problem with these emails that often ask people to join affiliate programs is that they are very impersonal. These emails are often more damaging than anything, because it makes the person on the other side look clueless about the industry. Sending anyone an email that you want them to join your network doesn’t really work.

What does work is an email that introduces yourself in a few words, and then has an easy call to action that doesn’t seem impersonal.

For example, the following email should have been sent:

I was wondering if you had time this week to discuss our new program. Tyroo Media is a major India-based company that works in the performance marketing industry and I’m curious if there is any way we can work together.

Shwetank Pandit

It’s a simple email, it shows that you respect the persons time and that you aren’t just sending out spam with a signup link. It also addresses the issue that not everyone is exactly the same, but gives them the opportunity to respond and identify who they are, what their business model is and makes them think how they can work together. It’s insulting for many people to get an email that doesn’t value their time and asks people to sign up at a link. However, asking people about their business always gets results because people like talking about themselves.

Relationships, even with affiliates, need to be key. Asking someone to signup in an intro mail, not respecting their time, and not showing interest in their business is insulting and idiotic.

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