MaxBounty Celebrates Eight Years


Despite the many challenges currently being faced in the pay-for-performance advertising industry, MaxBounty is excited to begin their ninth year of always providing on-time payments to their affiliates, the best CPA campaigns, and high-level support.

MaxBounty is eager to move forward in2012, continuing to be a leader in the performance-based marketing industry.

“Eight years is a great achievement in the very competitive field of performance marketing, particularly during a time when other established CPA networks are faltering.   I think part of our longevity can be attributed to our commitment of service to affiliates, as well as our policy of non-competition with them.    As a network, we don’t buy traffic from third parties, we don’t run mailing lists.  That would put us in a conflict of interest with our affiliates, directly competing with them, so we don’t do it.   It’s a trust thing.   Of course, weekly payments and our $1000 bonus to new affiliates have also helped.” says JP Sauve, MaxBounty Inc.’s CEO.

MaxBounty has been among the top 20 performance marketing networks listed in’s online poll, as voted on by affiliates, for Revenue Performance magazine ( MaxBounty has been a trusted source of advertising since 2004 and continues to pay publishers on time, maintain a variety of pay-for-performance offers in order to accommodate the needs of virtually any publisher, and provide outstanding support from their team of affiliate managers.

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