Cutting Edge Media Celebrates 20 Years in Business With Expanded Growth


As 2011 comes to an end, it is not uncommon for many companies to reflect upon their successes and struggles.  For Cutting Edge Media, this practice is no different.  But, as the company looks back, the end of 2011 also marks an important milestone for the company as they celebrate their 20th year in business.

During one of the most challenging economies in history, Cutting Edge Media has consistently displayed deliberate growth in the performance marketing industry significantly increasing their staff and expanding into new departments to better serve its partners.

Cutting Edge Media has added staff in public relations and social media, marketing and design, compliance, technology and sales.

“We have a lot of great opportunities in the pipeline and are committed to making the investments that will position us for success over the next 20 years and beyond,” said Peter Wilson, who has served as President and CEO of the business since 2010, adding “I believe our reputation and longevity speak volumes about how we operate.”

Founded by Phil Longenecker in 1991, Cutting Edge Media has consistently focused on partnering with the strongest advertisers, marketers and publishers in performance marketing.  The company offers a wide range of performance marketing services including a leading affiliate network – Cutting Edge Offers, email marketing, data brokerage, lead generation and sales, the publishing of specialty magazines and technology including an offer management platform and a CRM system.

“The principles that were key to our success 20 years ago – delivering great service, building strategic partnerships, investing for the long-term, working hard and having fun – continue to serve us well in 2011,” said Wilson.

The company’s affiliate network, Cutting Edge Offers founded in 2004, has made additional strides in leading the performance marketing arena by expanding beyond their once niche, Business Opportunities, and forging partnerships with leading brands across many verticals including education, health and wellness, credit and debt financing and insurance.

“As someone that has been with Cutting Edge for more than a decade, I can tell you that it is a really exciting time for us right now,” said Trisha Hawthorne, who leads the network and data business, “in a rapidly changing marketplace, we are evolving alongside our customers and will continue to build Cutting Edge Media as the premiere brand in performance marketing.”

Cutting Edge Media strives to demonstrate its commitment to continual development, innovation, quality and service to the advertisers and publishers they work with as well as their employees.

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