Condom Ads Use Unborn Babies to Haunt Men


I’m not sure condom ads are ever very classy, but most of them contain naked women or worse, bananas to signify men’s desires. Who knows the reason, but I’d think most men would rather have a condom that would work, than one that is “cool.” Frankly, condoms never match your clothing, so who really cares, right?

Of course, some ads are purely PSAs pointing out that if you don’t use them, your “special friend” might fall of when you get some sort of disease you can’t actually spell.

Either way, Olla Condoms has decided to make their own version of the ads, and has used babies stalking men on facebook as part of their strategy. If you are unfortunate enough to be part of the people targeted by this Facebook campaign, you’ll get a profile for a child with your name, with “Jr” tacked onto the end. You’ll get a friend request from this fictional baby, with the message “Avoid suprises like this one…”

This is a bit on the weird side, and frankly very, very creepy.

I have somewhere around 1,500+ friends, half of them I have no idea who they are. Now I have to worry that some ghost baby is going to annoy me and try to tell me what condom I need to wear.

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