Performance Marketing Daily Mashup – 11/17/11


In order to start sharing a bit of our success and some of the knowledge out there, here at Performance Marketing Insider, we’ve decided to start a daily feature of the best articles and blog posts out there. The idea is simple: find what is interesting, informative and insightful. The hope is that it will make it easier to find what is really useful out there.

The Truth about Mobile Click Fraud
Ralph Ruckman talks about a new trend in Mobile Click Fraud. He’s a little out there, but he makes some good points that perhaps major companies are looking to rake in the dough before adding really good mobile fraud systems.

How Affiliate Marketers can Beat the Competition for Black Friday
Kristina provides interesting advice on how marketers need to get on the ball for Black Friday. I’m actually amazed about the amount of CPA networks that don’t have good product launches for the holidays, but if you know a network that is providing this, or are a product affiliate marketer (amazon, overstock, other aff programs) this is some great advice.

Your CPA Network doesn’t Convert
Some seriously good stuff here from AffPlaybook. I’m not sure if these guys are any good at what they do, haven’t been following them, but their insight into how CPA networks work shows that they have some idea. What’s the point here? That the speed of the network can actually affect, so when you are going with a network with crappy servers, you are going to see worse results. Why? Well, the internet is full of ADHD folks who don’t want to wait a second too long after clicking on an advertisement. No?

SEO Tips that Make a Difference
Simple explanations, but I like it. With the new Google changes, you need to know real SEO and content SEO.

Great Examples of Facebook Fan Pages
A lot of affiliates are trying Facebook fan pages, but they look too much like affiliate made, marketing centric pages. Here’s a list of some great examples that can assist you in your pushing forward with a Facebook fanpage strategy. The better your fanpage looks, I promise the more people will convert on and off the page.



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