OfferMobi Starts Pay-Per-Call Program


OfferMobi, the first and leading US-based performance marketing network for mobile advertising campaigns, today announced the launch of a new mobile Pay-Per-Call (PPCall) program.

With the launch of its mobile PPCall program, OfferMobi has partnered with PPCall technology leader Ring Revenue to provide call tracking for its advertisers and publishers. The metered call system, based on call durations, allows for swift integration with new advertisers, allowing OfferMobi to launch new programs quickly.

OfferMobi is introducing the PPCall program in several sub-verticals within the financial industry including Foreclosure Assistance, Debt Settlement, Tax Settlement and Loan Modification, as well as several others in the Travel, Psychic Readings, and Education sectors.

By leveraging its existing mobile network of over 13,000 publishers, OfferMobi will facilitate a smooth transition for advertisers and publishers into the new program. As with all OfferMobi programs, PPCall campaigns are strictly performance- based, so advertisers only pay for calls that meet their defined goals. This reduces risk and allows them to minimize costs related to maintaining call center resources.

“Over the past 18 months, we have seen the PPCall market evolve as more and more publishers have become adept at driving quality traffic to our PPCall advertisers, who are eager to acquire new business through this growing channel,” said Mark Roth, OfferMobi’s Chief Executive Officer. “The launch of OfferMobi’s Pay-Per-Call platform allows us to provide our advertisers with performance-based services that work in tandem with their existing call center resources.”

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