New Affiliate App Released


OmniStar, an affiliate software management company, has released a new mobile application that will allow affiliate managers to manage and control their affiliate programs remotely. This application will allow affiliate users to also sign up with affiliate programs that use OmniStar, and check their commissions and other statistics.

According to Chief Operating Officer Arlen Robinson, “We are extremely excited that are customers will now be able to empower their affiliate users with the ability to use their cell phones to manage their affiliate program.”

OmniStar’s program is compatible with almost every major phone including:

  •     iPhone 3G
  •     iPhone 3GS
  •     iPhone 4
  •     iPad
  •     Samsung Galaxy Tab
  •     Blackberry Torch
  •     HTC Incredible
  •     HTC EVO
  •     webOS
  •     Blackberry 6
  •     Android 2+

For affiliate program owners, it’s vital that you provide your affiliate users with the means to track their success, manage their program and stay connected at all times. With the new Omnistar affiliate marketing app, they can do all of that and more. Not only does that help ensure that your affiliates are successful, but that your program grows as well. Robinson states, “It is important that our customers allow their affiliate users access to their commissions and reports at any time and using whatever device.”

Omnistar was founded to provide a user-friendly way to manage multiple affiliate programs from a single interface. The company has been in operation for 11 years, serves more than 11,000 businesses and constantly strives to provide quality solutions that offer real benefits for affiliate program owners and their affiliate marketers including referral software, affiliate tracking software, document management solutions and more. Current clients include Macy’s, Cisco and Trek.

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