Google “Content Spam” Update Released


I asked last week if the new google algorithm, which is called by someone a “freshness update”, will seriously hurt the effort of marketers. After the week, reading other commentaries and seeing the results, if come to the conclusion that it might actually do more: incentivize people to write as much crap as possible in order to innodate Google with as many results and actually help promote crappy spam content sites.

Anyone know Huffpost’s model? Their model is basically to copy as many article as they can from other sites, refer to the sites a bit, but basically create as much content about as many topics as possible on a daily basis. That’s why if you real HuffPost, you’ll find loads of article about anything and everything.

Seems to me that the new system is actually rewarding spammers to create as much content as possible instead of relying on creating GOOD content.

AS Miranda Miller of Search Engine Watch puts it

 This may initially add a bit of fuel to the fire in the debate surrounding how often websites should be updated and whether Google penalizes those that don’t update on a regular basis. Many webmasters/publishers struggle to create new, engaging contenton a regular basis. Remember, though, that quality, evergreen content can hold its value for years; keep the topic and immediacy of searches in mind when creating new content.

It seems to me that marketers will now try to “refresh: their content by spinning as many versions of it over and over. This will benefit the spinners enormously, because they will create sites with specific content, and most likely just create a good wordpress plugin that will take the content, make new versions of it weekly and ping Google. Note: If you want to create a great product, there’s a free idea for you.

Again, the purpose of the update, as I mentioned before is to reward content sites and hurt SEO companies. SEO will be harder and harder to do through link building, but easier to do through duplicating crap. Basically, anyone who now creates a really good copying program can basically improve their rank over people with long lasting, real content.

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