Facebook Ads New Ad Unit


You know that new Ticker that shows real time posts likes and whatever you want on Facebook? Well, according to insiders, Facebook will be launching Sponsored Stories for the ticker, allowing for a lot more inventory availability for affiliates and marketers to promote their products.

Annie Ta, Facebook spokesperson, is reported to have said,  “Starting on Monday, we are continuing to slowly roll out Sponsored Stories in ticker across Facebook. Sponsored Stories help people see more relevant marketing on Facebook and they can be twice as engaging as ads on Facebook.”

Sponsored stories are perhaps one of Facebook’s most new innovative and effective ways to advertiser and showing enormous growth. A recent study by Kenshoo, a marketing software vendor, shows that companies that use sponsored stories to promote applications show a 300 percent increase in installs than using other methods of promotion on Facebook.

The sponsored stories on the ticker will provide a lot of additional inventory to Affiliates, especially in a time where clicks have been becoming more and more expensive on Facebook. With possibly millions of additional impressions being available through this method, it will be a good place for both marketers and affiliates to start marking products.

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