Empyre Media Launches 10% Commission Bonus


Empyre Media announced today that the company will be providing all new and existing affiliates an End of the Year 10% bonus on all commissions earned from November 15, 2011 through December 31st, 2011. Never before has an affiliate network offered such a large bonus to its affiliates over such a long period of time.

Empyre Media is raising the bar with these bonuses. The record setting 10% incentive is Empyre Media’s way of showing their appreciation for the support received from their network of affiliates and the industry this past year. An affiliate bonus program this generous is unmatched and is a part of the company’s vision for continued growth and success going into 2012.

When President and CEO Ryan Moore was asked about the promotion he explained that “usually, affiliate networks offer 3% to 5% to their affiliates as a bonus and then pile on many restrictions and caps. What is the use of that? We wanted our End of The Year Bonus to reflect not only how grateful we are for the hard work and dedication our affiliates in 2011, but  to be simple. No restrictions and no caps.”

Moore went on to elaborate the that the bonus program was designed to reward current as well as potentially new affiliates on all traffic sent into the network. All interested parties should visit empyremedia
for further details or contact their affiliate managers.

Link: http://www.empyremedia.com/10bonus/?r=100030

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