Your Traffic Sucks… Go Indian


So a few night ago I was buying an energy drink at a place we all know and hate..Wal-mart.

Like usual the lines were backed up with a ton people and  I was going have to wait in line for a good 20 minutes just to buy 1 drink. This was a waste of time, and one of my biggest rules is Value Thy Time.

So, I instead walked 10 steps over to the electronics departments cash register and was able to check out in seconds while the horde of people continued to waste their lives waiting in line for one of the many open cash registers in the store.

The funny this is this is that 95% of marketers have something in common with these people.  Instead of a fighting over the same cash register though , marketers are dueling over the same traffic when the cold hard truth is THEY DO NOT HAVE TO.

Just like at Wal-Mart, there are cash registers (traffic) everywhere. However most  online Marketers, just like the Wal-mart people,  are stuck fighting over just 1 type of traffic.

American Traffic Is The Hard Way

Alright, did you know that well over a billion people speak English? Did you also know that only 300 million of those people live in U.S? That is not even half of the english speakers in the world.

So what is really crazy, is that most of marketers target only 30% of their potential English speaking customers (Americans)

The result is there being WAY to much demand for American Traffic and way to little supply of it. Because of this

  • Ranking highly in the American Google(.com) is extremely competitive
  • The price for advertising to American traffic  is astronomical
  • You constantly have to fight your competition to stay on top

In short, marketing to American traffic is like going to overused playground covered in broken glass and expecting to have fun.

So who do I market to then?

The answer is foreign countries!

  • Guess what massive country speaks mostly English and is exploding right now..India
  • Canada’s first language is English, yet its is almost 10 times less competitive for online marketing
  • The Google Adsense CPC for some completely untapped high traffic keywords in the Philippines (speaks mostly English) is over .90 cents

The thing is this applies to  applies to all sorts of traffic generation online methods (SEO, paid traffic, etc) Check out the example below ( based on real results I have gotten online)

For Paid Traffic In The Same Niche

Price for 150×150 banner ad on an American site = $2 per CPM (thousand views)


Price for a leaderboard sized Banner on a Canadian site = .02 cents per CPM (My cost per click was less than .01 cents)

Best of all results like this are very common. Here so other benefits to target foreign traffic

-The price for Pay Per View traffic is often 4 times cheapers from foreign countries.

-Adspace can be bought for next to nothing.

-Searchs that are extremely competitive in the Amercian Google are virtually open game in other countries ( I get into this a lot in another popular article of mine : The Harsh Truths SEO and How The Big Dogs Really Bank ).

There is literally an endless amount of loops holes when you start looking at traffic globabally instead of just focusing on one spot.

AND The reason for this is not because the traffic is bad, it is simply because no one is fighting over it yet!

So Stop Waiting In Line

If you are an online marketer, stop being one of the 100 morons waiting in line at Wal Mart and be the guy that finds the better way to do things.  One of the coolest things about the internet is it allows you to get access to customers regardless of where they live. Restricting yourself to just one country is absurd!

Stop fighting over high priced competitive traffic and start utilizing the untapped foreign traffic that will literally bring you the SAME results for 1/10th of the work.



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