Tablet Clicks Dominate Market


Even though only 18 months, it seems that Tablets are now dominating the mobile advertising market: at least when it comes to clicks. According to a study released by British ROI Experts Efficient Frontier,  77% of all mobile advertising is currently showing on tablets. Similarly, the Brits claim that 60% of all mobile impressions and clicks come from the tablets too.

This comes on the heels of a report that mobile advertising spending will actually be over $1B next year, and according to eMarketer will jump enormously by 2014 to over $4.4 billion. This shows that despite a slow start, mobile advertising is starting to take off enormously and should be investigated by almost anyone looking for new sources in traffic.

However, I am curious about the study, because from what I’ve seen, it can only track advertising that is specific to the mobile market. If you are an IPAD user, you know that you can view non-mobile advertising on your IPAD for almost any site, and in theory Efficient frontier isn’t tracking those as “mobile ads.”

I’m also curious what exactly, in this case is mobile advertising? If you are seeing ads on a Tablet, using a web browser, connected to your LAN, how is this any more mobile than a Laptop? Since most tablets do a pretty damn good job of showing advertising in a normal webpage, what is the reason to differentiate a tablet user from any other user?

What's your opinion?