SpyPeeps Affiliate and CPA Program


 Find out what anyone is doing – Right Now
SpyPeeps lets you legally spy without getting caught!

Why run Spypeeps?

–          There absolutely no competition in the marketplace because entrance levels are costly and requires significant investment in data and data collection.
–          This is not a PULL based system like a “background check” company. This type of system appeals to many consumers, including the curious and casual browsers. Converts exponentially higher than any “background” company.
–          Patent Pending using proprietary data that is integrated with friendly user interface.
–          Owned by HD Publishing, a multi-million dollar corporation that has launched numerous products on the net and is the leading online “detective” company.
–          Online History since 1996, not a fly-by-night company.
–          Great Credit and Payment Ability.
–          Enormous room to create custom landing pages, demographic pages and adjust the CPA as necessary to hit any and all targets.
–          Industry leading 24/7 Live Custom Support.
–          Partnered with Litle & Co, the leading card-not-present merchant processing company.

More information about the product at: www.scribd.com/doc/67222340/SPbackgrounder

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