Marketers Must Start Bing Optimization


Here’s the issue simply. Almost every SEO Company works completely on Google optimization. In fact, almost SEO companies seem to spend all their time obsessing over Google’s infamous algorithyms, how these affect the search engine results and what they can do to get better results. Without knowing what Google is doing, how to make the changes, they can’t advise their clients and make money.  If you are to believe the news, Google Panda is Causing Job Losses.

Depending on Google Optimization is a great strategy, but let’s be honest here, it’s one of diminishing value.  Since Google’s Famous Panda Update, a lot of the tricks and strategies that “grey-hat” marketers use are not working. Read my article on Google Panda and notice why content is king.

However, if you are late to the Google optimization game, there is something you need to pay attention to. It’s called Bing. Yes, Bing, Microsoft’s Search engine service is slowly growing as much as 3-4% each month and according to some numbers Google is loosing as much as 1-2% of their users each month. If you are focusing on Google, you are ignoring a great opportunity in Bing.

Bing isn’t that different than Google, and from what I’m told, uses algorithms similar to Google and some of them make a lot of common sense. One thing that is evidence in Bing is that similarly, Content Sites that have more than 300 words do better than sites with little or no text.

One huge difference in Bing is that backlinks take a significant less priority than Google.  This means that people who have sites that have been around a while, with more content, will always almost be favored more than those that just came around and are trying to use backlink strategy. If you want to think “Bing” you need to start now with creating high content sites that will be around a lot.

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