Is Flash Sales a New Opportunity?


Could Flash Sales be a new affiliate marketing opportunity? As more and more sites are turing to flash sales as a method of marketing, they seem to be almost expected. This technique, which seems to have a better longevity than the now failing Daily Deal model, provides significant discounts to consumers of certain products for a limited tiem

HubPages says of flash sales, that “one of the most crucial features of flash selling is, well, as the name abundantly suggests, abrupt offers for service at subsidized prices. The offers are ‘abrupt’ and lasts for a tiny window period – a brief time. It is also one of the safest deal takings. In other words you have to avail the opportunity as soon as you are offered the services. Consumers normally receive online offers including even invitations in the mail/emails.”

MarketingVox reports that Flash Sales in the Travel Industry are now a new staple in the travel industry:

…with Cruise price comparison website CruiseCompare teaming up with Cheapflights to launch a cruise flash sales on its site. The deals are available for seven days with savings of up to 50% being offered to members of the site on a range of cruises, according to Travolution.

Another example is Travelocity, which recently launched a twist on the concept: a single new “dashing deal,” available only on that day, but valid for travel for up to several months (via the Baltimore Sun).

Seems that many affiliates and CPA networks should partner up with retailers to promote their flash sales for unique positions both in social marketing and email marketing.

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