Google Panda Causes Job Losses?


If you didn’t know, just a few days ago, Google updated Panda again, and quite a few more sites dropped off the radar. This change however perhaps is one of the biggest changes since the original panda update. Tons of complaints have been logged all over the blogosphere with people calling Matt Cutts, the head of all search, nothing less than the devil.

According to reports, companies like Consumeraffairs, prnewswire, and even Technorati have been experiencing huge hits.

What is most interesting however is that according to a poll taken by Barry Schwartz at Search Engine Roundtable, almost 10% of the industry asked claimed to have actually lost a job because of the Google Panda update. Some 6.8% claimed  that they laid off people since the update. Even more interesting is that 25% of the industry said they were afraid they’d lose their job since the update.

Does this mean that Panda is evil, or perhaps that a great deal of the industry was doing blackhat SEO and just was caught?

What's your opinion?