What we are not is interested in selling you with flashy images, gimmicks, and false promises. We are a small group of experienced media buyers, email marketers, social advertisers and search engine marketers. 1st class cpa was created with one simple goal in mind, To deliver our publishers with the top converting offers while maintaining the highest quality leads for our advertisers. We maintain strict fraud detection as we count on 3 sources of fraud detection, in house compliance team, 3rd party fraud detection company, and the reports from our advertisers. We pledge to our publishers that they can rest easy knowing due to are strict publisher screening, offers will not be taken down with no notice like most networks due to the quality of our publishers and we will always pay ontime. Furthermore, we pledge to our advertisers due to the same reasons we offer the highest available quality to your offers, ensuring that you pay for only true and solid leads, each and every time.

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