New Facebook “Want” Button = Money


Perhaps you are one of the many people bitching about the Facebook layout changes. Personally, I don’t care if Facebook changes into the ugliest site on the internet, just as long as it provides opportunities to marketers to make more money. Lo, the changes being made are actually going to make more money for everyone who wants to market.

Facebook plans to add a “Want” button, which will allow people to alert other people about products or services they intend to buy. The possibility for marketers is endless, because this will allow you to promote products to your crowd, and more importantly try to get other people to “want” products to their friends.

On top of that, the new buttons will allow more and more ability to target. This is a goldmine for affiliate marketers, because if a person wants a specific type of product, they are more likely to buy another product.

Additional buttons that will allow more targeted will be “read”,”listened or “watched” which will allow advertisers to gain immediate feedback on the success or failure of certain product pushes but more importantly create instant buzz.

What do I “want?” More opportunities for Affiliates on Facebook.

What's your opinion?