Google+1 Coming to Display


Google has announced that they will be adding +1 buttons to all the ads in their display network. Similar to the “Like” button on Facebook, ads will feature a +1 button on the bottom of all ads, and footnotes about those who also +1’d the advertisement. This will last for about 10 seconds, then fade away.

According to a Google Spokesperson,

When an ad is personally annotated, there’s a positive impact on click-through rate. You get this great win of users becoming advocates for your product… you can take advantage of social and you don’t need to come up with new metrics. All of this is baked into all of your existing ad campaigns.

These ads could be highly effective for performance marketers who are using the Google Plus network to promote new products and connect with users through that platform. It will allow you to +1 your own ads and in theory, create more attention to those who have connected with your product profile. While Google Plus doesn’t currently have pages for small businesses, they are planning on changing that pretty fast. Still, users could create profiles that represent people “within” the business they are promoting and then connect to users via that method.

Additionally, +1 adds should help create better targeting, because those who really “like” ads should in theory want more of them.


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