Adwords for Video to Launch


In what could be one of the best new platforms for performance marketrers, Google will start beta testing Google Adwords for Video next week. This will allow advertisers to place video campaigns on sites like YouTube and the Google Display Network using their auction-based platform.

This will be an added function to Google Adwords and use the same login, but instead of just text ads, will be full video ads that anyone can create and upload. Using the platform, advertisers can set budgets, monitor impressions, views, click sand of course, all the normal optimization and ROI features of Google Adwords.

One of the coolest features is the ability to upload videos to a YouTube account and then use those videos to populate the advertising account. In theory this will allow marketers to create more advertisements on the fly and have easier access to the Google Adwords for Video platform.

The call-to-action on the video will be an overlay that will share information about the business and then drive traffic from that specific advertisement to any website.

As part of launching this, Google will be providing a $100 coupon for new advertisers who want to try the video.

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