Affiliate marketers are always looking for an edge in order to deliver the most relevant offers to their audiences and optimize their campaigns. Adknowledge has developed an algorithmic targeting platform, the Affiliate Recommendation Tool (ART) that analyzes data and past campaign successes in order to make recommendations to affiliates. With targeted campaign recommendations developed through sophisticated data analysis and an immense database, Adknowledge helps its affiliates be more efficient and strategic while increasing their sales and profitability.

ART can collect and analyze behavioral information, including anonymous clicks and conversions at the category level, as well as attribute data, such as browser, IP and geographic information. Adknowledge’s data analytics team of PhDs, statisticians, mathematicians, software engineers and machine-learning scientists analyze this data to provide high-yielding recommendations for all Adknowledge affiliates twice a week via email. Recommendations are also accessible 24/7 on the user interface. Adknowledge affiliate managers are specially trained to help affiliates analyze and act on recommendations to increase campaign profitability.

Data analytics technology will continue to drive affiliate marketing, especially as the industry grows and expands further into social, display and mobile. Data analytics is a win-win situation for all parties: for affiliates, it affords them an edge in the marketplace with better results and fewer misfires, meaning greater top-line revenue; for advertisers, it means higher quality traffic that is more likely to convert, brand integrity and cost-savings by reducing the number of affiliates they must work with; and for end users, they will have a better and more relevant experience with less clutter and spam.

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