There is one common denominator when it comes to the affiliate products I sell often vs. the affiliate products that never seem to move at all, and that is whether or not I have done a review for the product. In general, my goal is to not recommend anything I haven’t used myself, but just a quick mention in a post or reference on a resources list doesn’t seem to cut it.

On the upside, whenever I do a great review, I usually make a killing on that product’s affiliate commission. So here are my tips for better affiliate product reviews.

1. Make the post all about the product.

I’ve tried two different types of posts to market affiliate products – posts that are only about the product and posts that are educational that lead into the product for more information. I thought that the latter would gently ease people into buying an affiliate product in the excitement of wanting to learn more about a specific topic, but instead they just gloss right on over it.

So if you want to have a successful review post, make the whole post focus on the product – hook, line, and sinker. Or title, content, and call-to-action in the case of blog posts. This way you only get people reading that are interested in the product, and you’re more likely to make more sales.

2. Be sure that your review is the most thorough review of the product.

You want your review to be so comprehensive that people get more out of the review than they would the sales page. You want your review to leave no doubt in the reader’s mind that this is the product they must have, not by using a hardcore sales pitch, but by highlighting all of the value the reader will get from it if they purchase.

People almost always want to know more about a product before they buy, and if your site isn’t providing all of that information, they are going to seek out another review. And chances are the reviewer with the most unique insight into the product is going to get the click on their affiliate link – make sure that in-depth reviewer is always you!

3. Search optimize that post for the product name + review.

The most commonly searched phrase for almost any affiliate product is going to be the product name review. Therefore, you are going to want to optimize your post as much as possible so that it will rank for those keywords. The higher up in the rankings you are for the product review, the better your chances of getting more hits and more sales.

Places to include the product name review include the title tag for the post, meta description, a header tag within the post (<h2> or <h3> ), and within images. I would even go so far as to suggest that, if you have several images in the post, to name each of them the product name review – description of image.jpg and include the product name review – short description of the image in the ALT tags for the images as well.

4. Build some links to your review post.

After the on-site content optimization of your review post, you will need to do a little off-site optimization as well in the form of link building. Since you have the product name review in the title of your post, you can easily get some more traffic generating links to it by commenting on blogs enabled with CommentLuv (find some great blogs to start with here and here).

Blogs enabled with CommentLuv allow you to leave the link to your latest post along with your comment – some of those links might also be dofollow meaning you will get some SEO value for them as well. Comment on blogs whose audiences would be interested in the product you are reviewing, and you’re likely to get clicks to your post from those CommentLuv links as well.

Along with commenting, you can also use services such as social bookmarking to build up some links to your post as well. $14.90 will get you 350 social bookmarking links within about 48 hours.

5. Share your post with others asking about the product.

The next time anyone asks about products you’ve reviewed, either in blog comments, on Twitter, in forums, etc., you have the ultimate answer in your post. No one wants to be sent an affiliate link, but most people are very receptive of you simply saying “hey, I wrote a review of that product here – it has a lot of information about the ___, ____, and ____.” If your post is really good, then others will share it when people ask them about the product too – a definitely score for your affiliate marketing!

Those are my tips for a great affiliate product review. Now it’s your turn – what elements have you included in your product reviews to ensure they will be as successful as possible?

What's your opinion?