Rock Star


Rock Star Affiliate Network is an exclusive full-service Internet marketing and advertising agency specializing in Cost-Per-Action, Lead, or Call (CPA, CPL, CPC) campaigns as well as data management monetization. We execute Internet marketing campaigns designed to deliver you the highest performing results for your money or data. Rock Star Affiliate Network’s experience comes from working with some of the largest and most successful companies on the Internet.

We offer “Red Carpet” treatment and set ourselves apart from the rest of the industry standards. We are extremely confident we will earn your business, loyalty, and trust in what we can do for you and your business. It is not simply our goal to establish a business relationship with you, but to maintain and grow a long lasting business venture with your best interest at the forefront because you are the Rock Star!

Rock Star Affiliate Network provides state-of-the-art marketing management platforms for its qualified Publishers and Advertisers and to monetize your data with. Publishers will benefit from the industry’s highest payouts, top converting offers, and fantastic selection of campaigns and custom payout plans (ask your account manager for details).

Our dedicated Rock Star Account Managers will help you succeed in all your marketing campaign tours, but also assist Advertisers and Data Partners in seeking the most effective way to generate conversions with the best Rock Star Publishers.

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