PeerFly was built and founded in 2008 by Chad French who has been in the online advertising space since 1999. Due to their high levels of excellence in all key metrics, PeerFly is consistently ranked as a leader in top publications such as Revenue Performance Magazine and Performance Marketing Insider along with various other rankings.

PeerFly’s motto is “We Have An Offer For That” which makes them rather unique in this industry as they don’t specialize in any certain verticals or niches. They literally have over 1,500 active offers that range in everything from lead generation (financial, debt, credit, education, insurance, security, real estate, and timeshares), to promotional (e-mail submits, zip submits), AsSeenOnTV product offers, gaming, mobile, software, and bizopp. If you’re an affiliate, PeerFly has offers you can promote that suit your marketing needs. If you’re an advertiser, they aim to find the traction you’re looking for.

PeerFly is also famous for their 5% lifetime publisher referral program and their “pay on request” cash out feature.

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