Facebook Opens Ads to Casinos and other Sins


Facebook, hoping to grow their advertising base has announced huge changes to their ad guidelines that will allow previously banned categories to advertise on their platform. One of the biggest changes it that now Casinos can advertise on the site, but only to those over 18 years old.

Similarly, some online casinos that target only those outside the US may do so with special permission of Facebook’s ad team.

Additionally, Dietary Supplements, banned because of the crazy affiliate Acai craze that targeted Facebook users, are now allowed.  This however is limited to products that Facebook considers safe and excludes anything with Ephedra, HGH, Melatonin and of course, Steroids.

Similarly, certified online Pharmacies may not advertise, as long as they receive prior approval from Facebook.

The reversal on the decision to allow Pharmacies comes a day after search Giant Google settled with the US Government for $500M for allowing the promotion of illegal pharmacies on Google searches.

A bit change in the guidelines is now that they layout specific examples in the help center of prohibited an allowed ads – which has always been an issue for many Facebook advertisers who had ads removed, and often their accounts canceled with no feedback on the reasons why, or anyway to find out what happened.

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