Four Easy Copywriting Secrets Guaranteed to Build more Links


One of the things I hope to teach affiliates is that to have a successful long term affiliate business, you need to build content.

All the “get rich” link building techniques are out the door, and in many cases will hurt you. 

What works for SEO, what works to get visitors to your site is to create real quality content that will get people to not only pay attention, but to subscribe to your newsletter.

Let me say this clearly: Affiliates Must Learn to Build Real Content to make long term money that lasts.
[pullquote]1. Always Use Numbers
2. Use Different Font Sizes
3. Use Power Words
4.Write for Skimmers[/pullquote]
The problem with most content that affiliates are building is that it looks like article page directories, and not only does not do well with readers, but creates absolutely no real link building opportunities from other sites. Here are five things that you need to know when building content:

1.       Always use Numbers. Numbers rock. Really rock. People love linking to any article that has numbers of any type. For example, the title of the article is Five Copywriting Secrets. Giving numbers right there makes people more interested in reading and other bloggers more interest in linking. Also, in the article find numbers to back up what you are talking about (for example, I believe that 95% of the people who read this article will take it seriously, but about 5% will not even read it.)

2.       Use Different Font Sizes (and Bold and Italic). One of the biggest mistakes I’ve seen in people attempting to make content sites for affiliate commission is the lack of font sizes. If you are using WordPress, highly recommend using WP SUPER EDIT (search for the plugin!). The Different Font and Sizes will allow people to not only read your content, but then want to link to it.

Subconsciously to everyone, if you are bolding, making things bigger, it means that this must REALLY IMPORTANT.

3.       Use Power Words and emphasize them.  Power words are quick ways to drive people to make decisions and make you more believable. This is also important in getting people to give you more links. It drives them to want to share the information because its IMPORTANT.  What are some power words?  QUICK, FREE, GUARANTEE, EASY, ULTIMATE, RESULTS,  LATEST.

Google Powerwords and Copywriting. It’s a ULTMATE, FREE, GUARANTEED way to GET LINK BUILDING RESULTS.

4.       Write for SkimmersThis means put things in the copy that will allow another blogger to know what you are getting at, easily. One of the best techniques is pulling topics from the main paragraph and emphasizing those. Another simple way is to summarize the ideas in a size bar, or a quote bar. (Such as I have here). This allows other bloggers who might link to you to know if they’d be interest.

You’d be amazed how many other bloggers just are looking for information to link to, and don’t read the content.

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