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The industry is crowded with a lot of companies and publishers that are out to get what they can, and then run. There is nothing wrong with that if that is what you want. Here at Adspire we have a different focus. Our industry is still in its’ infancy and we are all still learning. Most of our publishers and advertisers have long-term goals and they understand that there will be bumps in the road,but if you are diligent and passionate about what you do, success is guaranteed. The mobile side of the industry is really taking off, not just here in the US, but internationally. Will you be one of the first to find a way to capitalize on that market? There are a lot of sarcastic and doubters that sound a lot like the guys that said Google was just another .com company that would fail. We envision an industry filled with creative people that are able to feed their families and live their dreams from the comfort of their own homes or relaxing on a beach. Weak minds always find an excuse, strength makes a way. If you believe; then it’s possible. Work for it.

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