It seems that everyone and anyone is making a CPA Network right now. As soon as you turn around, some affiliate has signed up to HasOffers, and has CPABizOffers,  AffCPAFarts, YehawCPA or some other stupid name that they figured out. While I commend anyone who wants to get into business for them, the very fact that anyone can spend $10 to make a CPA network and then steal offers from other CPA networks is kind of disturbing.

In fact, I was just reading about some network that shut down this year after spending all their money on throwing parties in Vegas full of hookers and drugs. The owners of the company owe about every other CEO in the industry money, but what they did instead of paying it off was create an entire new network and start promoting it.

There were tons of people who pointed out that this was the same company, different name, but just as many people joined the network and are now probably going to get completely ripped off.

The reason this can happen is that there are at least a dozen networks out there that only business model is stealing offers, putting them up, and they work together to ensure that no one talks about them. Basically they tell everyone that they are all good, post on message boards recommending each other, when in fact, they are pretty much the same company, pulling the same scams.

Biggest Advice here: Don’t trust any company that just popped up, claiming to be the “biggest” in the industry.

What networks do you know that are doing this?

What's your opinion?