Content Unlocking is a Growing Industry


As part of trying to expand our coverage of new parts of the industry, Performance Marketing Insider started a series of interviews with content unlocking companies. Please note, at first I questioned the entire Content Unlocking industry, but have begun to realize the benefits and that there are legit uses for the methods. This incentive based industry is one of the fastest growing segments, very similar to the social media currency, except that is generally not social based. The whole model is simple: sites want to provide something of value, but don’t want to provide it for free. Instead of asking a user to pay for it, they work with a content unlocking company to provide a gateway. In our industry, this means that if a user does something, fills out an offer, downloads a product, registers for a giveaway – or anything – they will be provided with the content for free.

Here is a list of the biggest companies in the industry and a little about them. As we do the interviews I will be linking them, and also providing more information. Hopefully this will become a growing resource about Content Unlocking companies, what they are doing and who to work with.

BlamAds is owned by genius marketing superstar Ryan Eagle. For those who don’t know, he’s being probably half a dozen companies in the industry, funding new upstarts. BlamAds came out of nowhere recently and has taken the market by storm with their great branding efforts in almost every blog out there.  They are definitely a Content Unlocking company to watch. Here’s an interview with Ryan Eagle.

Adscend Media is one of the established companies in the industry run by Content Unlocking King, Fehzan Ali. He’s proven to be one of the most vocal members of the industry, telling anyone who will listen to him that content unlocking is a legit part of the industry and can provide a lot of use.

CPALead is the company to beat in the industry. While the exact amount of money they make is not known, they are considered one of the top sources of traffic for dozens of networks, providing more than one CPA network several million dollars a month in revenue.  Their reach extend everywhere and I’ve been told that several download offers completely depend on them for the majority of their traffic.

LeadBolt, an Australian company has recently entered the market. Honestly, I do not know much about the company, but will be getting in touch with them to find more information soon.  I did quickly learn that they have content unlocking for the mobile phone, which really seems exciting to me.. Read Our Interview with Dale Carr

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