Eight PPC Secrets Gurus Teach


It seems to me that so many PPC “experts” are promoting one certain method of how to make money on PPC. On top of that, if you know me, I’m exceedingly pissed about all the “experts” who charge $7,500 for attending some seminar where they rehash all the stuff they’ve stolen from DigitalPoint and WarriorForum. Anyway, in response to that, I’ve decided to give you my own PPC Secrets Seminar all at once without charging you a dime. After looking at a video-tape of one of these experts seminar, I am proud to tell you that I’m covering all their “secrets” for $7,500 cheaper.

1) Always focus on long-tail keywords and stop just focusing on the most trafficked. Ok, this is a pretty easy one that you should really know. Long-Tail keywords are often cheaper, but large groups of them can often make your campaign rock.

2) Create Landing Pages Specifically for those Long-Tail Keywords. Really. Someone looking for BBW Hispanic Dating will appreciate a photo of a larger Mamacita than some skinny-ass white chick. Change up those photos for specific keywords, add phrases for the specific target. On another note, I just can’t really get into the idea of loving really big women. Perhaps someone can explain it to me someday.

3) Steal other people ads. This is what all the gurus do to make money. They look at other ads, steal the ideas, make some money and call themselves gurus. You’d be amazed how many gurus just steal ad ideas from other guys and say “look at this effective PPC ad I made.” They never make the ads (or get the checks that they show on their websites). And most of them can be found surfing the BBW websites.

4) Bidding Wars are Bad. If you get into a war for the top spot, quick move down as far as you can to have positive ROI. You’d be amazed how many times #6 spot is just as effective as #1. Being on top is not always the best.

5) Steal other people’s keywords. Again, a huge trick of the gurus. They use Keyword Compete and then publish the results as their own magic techniques. There is no magic. Magic died.

6) Google Ain’t Special. Really. I don’t use Google myself anymore and rely on the good folks at 7Search for 60% of my traffic. Of course there is Bing, Yahoo and Revelad.

7) Spelling Sucks. Remember that 50% of the US Population can’t find Australia on a map or spell good ‘nuff to fill out a welfare application. Do misspellings plus learn about ontology.

8 ) Learn to GEO Target and make ads that target that geography. Change up the landing page to fit the GEO and make the offer “slightly” different. That means that folks in New York City don’t really care about cow branding tools, but West Virginia might need more dental services.


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