Incentive and Content Unlocking Programs that Work


There has been a lot of negative press lately about incentivization and content programs in affiliate marketing. I’ve personally written a bunch of stuff in my blog at IndustryPace about content unlocking programs, the problems it’s caused in the industry. That being said, while there are more than a few bad players in the industry who are jumping around from network to network destroying offers, there are also some legit players who are doing it right, working with advertisers to create real products and providing value for both affiliates and the advertisers. So as part of my dedication to providing equal opportunity, it seems fair to mention and feature some of the companies in this part of the industry who are making money for affiliates.

AdscendMedia: Adscend basically re-invented the content unlocking system and has made a name as the legit source for content unlocking. They have taken a proactive stance against illegal or explicit material as a method to promote their programs. Because of this, they provide the highest payouts in content unlocking in the industry and feature advertisers that you cannot find anywhere else. If you are looking for a content unlocking system, check out Adscend.

SuperRewards:  A division of adknowledge, SuperRewards is the top virtual reward companies for games. If you are building a game or some system that needs to reward your users, this is the first company to go to create virtual gold opportunities. Plus, since its backed by Adknowledge, you know that you’re going to be working with a legit company.

EnvyusMedia. EnvyusMedia has a huge selection of unique and high converting programs that are worth checking out. EnvyusMedia came from nowhere last year to become one of the top new CPA Networks, partially because of bringing great new offers to the table. Check out their incent programs at OfferVault.

AxonMediaGroup. Another great network with a lot of incent programs, including legit form and lead generation that allows incent. It’s difficult to find incent programs that are lead based but AxonMedia Group has a bunch of insurance, medical, dental and investment offers that are all incent-allowable.

CPAWAY. Perhaps the largest selection of Programs in the industry, including tons of exclusive international offers. CPAWAY has become a “one-stop” source for all offers, ontime payments and now one of the king of incent offers. Check them out at OfferVault.

PointClickTrack: Huge network that specializes mainly in incentive based programs. Has many  tools such their own Content Unlocker / File Gateway, which also has a Donation Widget, and Virtual Currency Widget to help other websites monetize their traffic.  Check them out at OfferVault

What are some Incentive Based Content Unlocking Systems? (Special thanks for Adscend for the Ideas)
One) Create their own Windows themes and similar graphics and content lock them, some with high success w/ organic SEO traffic

Two) File conversion sites – like doc/docx to PDF.

Three) Indie bands/artist – Musicians to lock their content

Four) Ebooks – if you have rights to the ebook, you can show a few pages of the book and then lock for the rest of the access

Five) Instructional videos – e.g. guitar lessons

Six) Royalty free sound packs

Seven) Access to premium membership content. An example I ran into just yesterday was a website charging $1 USD for use of a special financial calculator online, they could use a content unlocker and generate around the same amount of revenues per use however would likely see more revenues because of the free option. There is a lot of room for monetizing small payment amounts on various sites.

Eight) Software! Our API allows full integration with software so developers can monetize their software any way they would like, this includes requiring a survey for unlocking certain features or requiring a survey with every use of the software.

Nine) Any movies, music, graphics, ebooks, etc. are fair game as long as the publisher owns rights to the copyrighted file. We have many publishers who create their own content

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