Five Tips on Creating Women’s Oriented Mailing Lists.


I’ve been very much into niche based marketing the last few months, believing that its one of the sure fire ways for performance based marketers to really compete in the marketplace. With the rise of Facebook as one of the main techniques to market products, there are so many options to target consumers. Women consumers I believe in our space have been under-targeted by CPA networks and affiliates and thus I’ve come up with some keypoints that I’ve learned over the last year to make a women’s oriented mailing list.

Before I start, probably the biggest issue I see in our space is that most affiliates are guys. The only contact that they have with women are at the  parties at stripclubs in Vegas during the convention. Thus, targeting women can be very hard, especially when faced with having to understand fundamental differences. Male Affiliates: When creating a list for women, remember that you haven’t a clue what women want (look how you dress, if you don’t get it) and that you are fundamentally retarded in this subject.

1)    Ask Women’s Opinions. While men might sign up for a product, enter their email and get the mail, women actually like answering questions and providing more information about themselves. Not only does this allow a feedback loop, but it also allows you to target and segment targets for follow-up mailings.

2)      Compliment Women in the Mailings. Make it clear that you are providing information and mailings because women “get it.” For example, if you are going to mail about a new coupon program that is targeted to them, don’t just say “This will get you 50% off at these stores” but do something like “Because I know you are looking only for the best deals, I’ve found the best coupon program ever… I  don’t want to bother you and waste your time…”

3)      Only send targeted emails. If you are stupid enough to send something that is obviously not for women, you’ll get an extreme unsubscribe rate. Remember that you’ve probably sold women on signing up to this list because it’s a women’s oriented list. This is always important – if you send an advertisement for the newest NASCAR racing DVD, women will not only unsubscribe but they will lose any trust you’ve created.

4)      Respect Women’s Time. Spam Sucks, so make it clear this is not spam and that you respect that time. Women are much busier than me, let’s be honest here:  often they are mothers, caretakers, business owners—all at once.  Point out sometimes that the product you are sending is not only because it’s great, but because it will make their life easier.

5)      Most Important: Create an Emotional Connection. Women do not respond to the “get rich” ads with women in Bikinis waxing cars. Remember that they want to see women that look like them and are doing things like them.  Study after study in marketing to women shows that women want to be able to look at marketing materials and say “That’s me!”  Remember, don’t sell the hype, but rewrite the copy (with permission) to sell how great it is for the woman you are targeting, and why they should get it. You’ll sell twice as many products and the women on the list will appreciate it much more.

What are some products you can market to women? EnvyusMedia has one of the largest Health & Beauty offers sections in the industry, you should really check them out.

After you build a relationship with you subscriber, you definitely need to try to the Cosmetic Surgery Referral Network. This offer is actually owned by a woman (Anita hi!) who has made it to appeal specifically to a real women’s audience and it’s one of the biggest products targeted to women on any network.

Don’t Forget that health and weight loss offers from AffiliateWise also do well for women, but I’d  make sure to work on the message. You need to make sure not to insult them, and find a good product that you know will show interest.

If you haven’t tried samples offers, you need to. This goes back to #1, of asking opinions. AxonMediaGroup has a great selection of Trial Sample offers

Have a great week, and get back to me on what you think of these ideas!

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