Five Categories of CPA Offers that are Converting.


Time for our round-up of highly converting offers and ideas how to convert them even better.  If you aren’t trying new offers and new techniques and just relying on a “proven” converter, you’re going to find yourself eventually scrambling to make up for lost time. Also, try new networks that you’ve never worked with before, you’d be amazed how sometimes the same offer on a different network converts completely differently—especially with the huge advances in affiliate tracking software. So, without a delay, here are some of the offers that I think you need to take a look at.

First of all, if you’ve not tried anything in the insurance sector, you are missing out. Everyone is always looking for auto insurance, and perhaps one of the top companies out there right now pushing insurance is CPAWAY.  They are fast becoming known as the insurance superstars with tons of offers in the insurance category.  Obviously car insurance is a great place to start, everyone is looking for a cheaper quote and just reminding them that it cost nothing to search for a cheaper insurance plan is a great way to get people attention.  Also, with all the news about health insurance, this is a great time to inform people that very soon they will be required by law to buy health insurance.

Wonder what happened to all the trial and rebill offers? As you may have read, there was some serious issues with these offers and many companies stopped running them for fear of not getting paid. However, these offers are hot again and performing amazing after not being out there that much in the last year or so. If you’ve been curious who is still running them, you need to check out EnvyusMedia a company with tons of legit trial rebill offers. One of the good things about working with EnyvusMedia is their dedication to paying affiliates—as their CEO put it, they will pay their affiliates for traffic all the time, even if they aren’t getting paid. This is found few and far between in the industry, and one of the reasons that EnvyusMedia is growing very fast. Health and Beauty will always be hot, but expect as we get back into the summer that the diet health products start picking up seriously. It’s been a cold winter and when the spring comes, people will want to be taking off the fat more and more.

One proven success is trying all the “as seen on tv” offers, especially when they are being heavily promoted. If you seen the “WonderFile” and “Bionic Hearing System” (from Axon)   promoted late night, you know that these can sell amazing. I’d look at these offers and  seriously check out late night tv and see what is selling. If you are seeing a product promoted over and over again, it means that it’s currently very hot and a perfect time to try it via email, search and other systems. More and more people will remember a product and then go online and search for it, and if you can get in there to sell it first you’ll be the one making the serious dough.

Last of all, it’s time for international surveys.  While the US market is still hot, international surveys are amazing. The first reason is simple: many, many of the countries have tons of cheap inventory in display, search (especially alternative search and PPC engines such as 7Search) and even email that is readily available. The second reason is that for some reason, people love filling out those forms and it can make you quick money fast. The King of Surveys right now is PointClickTrack and they have surveys for almost every country.


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