How to Make the Best EDU & Grant AutoResponder


If you’ve never tried the EDU revenue stream, I’m about to teach you a proven and successful way to use the EDU and grant programs from several aff networks to promote the best EDU programs that they have.  I know people who use these techniques and do over $20,000 worth of leads a day and significant profits – because it is easy and there are many traffic sources to support it. What I am going to teach affiliates here is what people include in their $10,000 courses – and frankly, none of them even get it right, or have really good examples. Because I am a nice guy and too lazy to make my own DVD set, here’s all the info you need for free.

STEP #1) Great Landing Page. First of all, you are going to want to make a very good site that will be a landing page for Grants & EDU. One landing page that works really well is below, which is This is a great example of what can be done. It gets people in the door, get’s them to sign up – and using the grant system is much less competitive than many other edu keywords. Not to say that you wouldn’t want to use edu keywords that actually back out.

This is just a good example – it has a great logo, has a good call to action “Need Help? Don’t Miss out on Grant Money”. The really great part is the “FILL OUT THE FORM BELOW” with the Treasury Check. I would NOT recommend using the treasury check, because of the legal issues regarding this – so might want to check with your attorney. However in general using any logos or anything that represents the government is misleading and possibly illegal. Color wise, this is perfect – blue is the color of authority, which makes people more likely to believe what you are telling the, and red is the call to action. I also really love the reasons part on the bottom, really gets people who might not automaticaly fill it back to reconsider.

Here’s another awesome grant page

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STEP #2) GREAT AUTORESPONDER. Next you will want to make sure to have an auto responder.  I recommend AWeber – if you sign up using this link you will get $1.00 trial to test this out. The auto responder is enormously important in creating programs that work, because it allows you to immediately respond to people who are interested, engage them and get them more involved. I think a great deal of the industry reccomends them, but if you know of something better, please tell me.

The idea of this is to get people to sign up immediately for more information about Grants and Educational programs, send them an offer and then use that data to continually send them product offers over the period of several weeks. The auto responder is a MUST for this (and many other programs that I am going to teach you)

STEP #3) REDIRECT AFTER SIGNUP. After they signup for the program, you will want to immediately redirect them to a page that talks about another similar offer or just redirect them IMMEDIATELY to that offer. There are two possible offers that you can do this for, here are the two offers.

  1. MonetizeIt Promotion #5249 Program Advisor orRevenueStreet offer #274
  2. Envyus Media. #582 Education and Career Center – Gov Grants

I recommend highly that you redirect after the signup DIRECTLY to one of those pages.

STEP #4) SEND AN ACTUAL GUIDE. In the actual auto send them PDF guide to grants and resources about grants, we will talk more about this PDF further on  You will want to send them an email with this guide, a good example is

Welcome to the “YOURSITENAME HERE” – you have made a great decision in applying for grant funding, and we congratulate you for taking the first step. The Government is helping many people like you right now by giving out Government grants that can be used for school, business expenses and other person obligations and expenses. Don’t waste your time and learn more:

STEP 1: Download out Grant Approval Guide (link to a PDF on your site)
STEP 2: See if you qualify for grants on one of the top sites about grants, you  can be awarded for:

  • Federal Grant Programs
  • Pell Grants
  • Need Based Grants
  • Minority Grants
  • Disabled Student Grants
  • Graduate and Doctoral Grants


In this case,link to the EnvyUSMedia 582 Offer in the PDF, or find another one.

Back to the the PDF that you send: you will want to do some research and find how people can apply for grants, make a one page basic guide, you can find all the information on public sources. However, page #2 will be a listing of more offers for them to fill out. Include in that the Grant offer, with the same information as above.

Also push at the end EDU offers by saying things like “If you are looking to go abck to College with your grant, look over these online schools.” Similarly, you may want to end with a good cash advance offer or credit card reduction offer.

This guide will get you a significant amount of the money to be made from your autoresponder. However, over the next few weeks you will want to send them more text messages reminding them of these offers, where to look up grants and other free opportunities for them.

Where can you get the traffic? Almost anywhere, but I highly recommend using 7Search (if you use this link they will match your first deposit). 7Search has tons of keywords that are very useful for this, including cheap grant and government grant keywords. Look at the keyword “College” seems pretty amazing actually.

STEP #5: Send other EDU, Grant and Work from Home offers.
Over the next few weeks, you need to really to send a lot of great EDU and similar offers. I recommend MonetizeIt for most of these offers, because they have a large selection of high paying EDU offers, and you can mix and match them. The real good news here is that just because your subscribers sign up for one, doesn’t mean you can get them back on another. Mix and match the offers.

Here again are the three networks and products you need to sign up for to make this work

1) MonetizeIt
2) EnvyusMedia
3) Revenue Street
4) AWeber
5) 7Search

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