Top Performance Companies Announced: Results of 2010 Survey of Performance Marketing & Affiliate Networks.


The results of the 2010 Survey of Performance Marketing Companies are in. We had a wide variety of companies, tried not to leave any out. While some surveys have only included 10 or so answers, we had over 50 networks and companies to choose from, making the race very close. That being said, there was some clear winners and some surprising contenders in what is becoming a very crowded and competitive marketplace.

Q: . Which networks provide the the best customer service in your opinion?

Third Place: 10.8%: ClickBooth
John Lemp’s Mega Network ClickBooth is always named now as one of the top companies in the industry. Based on the DirectTrack platform, is is clearly the largest network that uses this platform. (Although, they have been test driving other platforms for a possible move) Customer service wise, they have a great professionally trained staff, many of them having been involved with the industry forever.

Second Place: 21.2% Neverblue
NeverBlue has become a monster in the industry, and its affiliate managers are the best. While Samantha Brachat is not the CEO of the company, she has become the face of the company in the marketplace and her team of Affiliate Managers has learned from her amazing skills.

First Place: 26.1% COPEAC
Just a few years ago, many of you never heard of COPEAC. However, Mike Krongel is not the owner of the company, but is the Chief Affiliate Manager, who personally handles many of the affiliate relationships himself.

Q: Which networks do you feel have the best selection of offers, in your opinion?

Third Place: Commission Junction 15.7%
Commission Junction still dominates the mind of most people of what “affiliate marketing” is, and because of that still many affiliates go to it to look over possible offers. If you are looking for an offer to match your website, it’s always a good place to start.

Second Place: 21.9% Neverblue
Again, Neverblue shows its huge influence in the marketplace and a great selection of offers. The staff at Neverblue is always pushing new offers to affiliates, looking for the next mega-affiliate.

First Place: 24.8% COPEAC
COPEAC has scored first place for offers probably because of the “if we don’t have it, we will find it” attitude they have. Affiliates know that the Krongels will always find an offer that fits them if they don’t already have it.

Q:Which networks do you feel are the most ethical in the way they conduct business?

Third Place: 11.9% ClickBooth
ClickBooth has managed to keep itself relatively clean, especially when faced with all the issues in the industry. While many companies out there that are similar jumped on certain bandwagon’s, the Clickbooth legal team kept Lemp safe.

Second Place:   21.9%.COPEAC
COPEAC is known to always stand up for its affiliates. Whenever there is an issue, they go to bat for affiliates often choosing to pay out affiliates even when they are not paid.

First Place:  22.3% Neverblue
With an excellent PR and marketing team, Neverblue has become the face of ethical marketing in the industry. They only beat out COPEAC a bit, but their reputation of ethical market is a keystone to their business.

Q. Which networks do you feel are the best network overall?

Third Place: 14% Commission Junction
Commission Junction will always be listed in surveys because they are Commission Junction. ‘Nuff Said.

Second Place: 20.1% Neverblue
A close second, Neverblue is always a major contender. With their own amazing interface, great customer service, Neverblue is definitely one of the best networks out there.

First Place: 22.1% COPEAC
Mike Krongel has a huge following in the industry and more importantly very loyal affiliates. While he doesn’t throw parties at the playboy mansion, his affiliates know that he makes it up with great payouts and customer service. COPEAC is definitely the new face of performance marketing: professional, honest with great customer service.

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