Getting the Most out of Offervault


For a long time I’ve used OfferVault. For the last year or so, while running, I used it to check on competitors offers, to check and see if any of them were offering higher prices or worse, offering our offers without permission to the general public. Before then, even running a major comscore advertising network, OfferVault was (and is) the “go to” place for me to check on CPA deals that our $150M display network should run. I think that a lot of people aren’t getting the best out of OfferVault and I hope with my regular articles, I can show you where to focus, what offers are really hot and how to monetize them.

This week, I just want to talk a bit about some of the top offers being listed on offervault, and where to go from there. If you have suggestions on topics in the future, I am always reachable at and would love to get some ideas what you’d like to learn about, what you think is important.

It’s Halloween time, and if you didn’t know this, over half of the nation still hasn’t gotten its elves, witches or Snooki costumes. If the idea of dressing up as a retard from Jersey Shore interests you, the place to buy this is at BuyCostumes. Since they are so popular one of the top searches this month is BuyCostumes and that is lead by my friends at Azoogle with their $13.50 payout. Erhg, sorry, now known as EpicDirect. Many of the other networks are just piggybacking those offers. I would have linked to eFLOW network and their offer, but at the time of this writing, their link was down. For those who don’t know, BuyCostumes is a huge supporter of the affiliate marketing industry, and heavily involved with making this industry better, so I would 100% support them this season through Azoogle/Epic Direct.

In the Zip and Email Submit category, relative newcomer QwikMedia has taken stage with the “I like that Victoria’s Secret” offer and its Pepto-Bismol colored landing page. Qwik media has taken a well-known method of promotion, worked with some of the top companies for their back end, created a great landing page and has made something that converts better than any other zip and email submit right now in the space. Also, take a quick look at EWA’s QualityHealth offer, I understand its converting really well. If you are looking for a place to place this, some of the sub-tier search engines like 7Search actually have some good space for giftcard relevant keywords.

I’ve been told that Ringtone and Mobile offers are HOT again after several major players in the space have gone out of business or closed their doors. Flycell has taken a place in the market behind Sony Mobile aka Jamster, but is going strong in our space because of their new relationships with networks. AdCommunal, the Canadian Based organization and home of “Sir Owen”, has become one of the new homes of ringtone offers, especially with their new Flycell New Landing Page offer. This is actually one of the most popular offers right now on OfferVault and I’d recommend getting in touch with those folks soon.

Last of all, I want to talk about the Gold Offers out there. They are doing amazing for almost anyone, especially spammers…umm… sorry, the editor told me I need to call them “Permission based e-mailers.” These offers are huge right now because the price is gold is going through the roof and certain conservative celebrities are really pushing gold right now their radio and TV shows. The best converting Gold Offer is still through mega-network Neverblue at $50 CPA. From what I am told, this continues to be the best place to get this offer.

Before I forgot, If you didn’t know, there is a great function offervault has that no other company has instituted (I’ll have to ask, but I think they own the patent to the idea.” Their search agent allows you to choose keywords and thus campaigns and the send you notices when there are changes in those keywords. This is huge, can you imagine doing a campaign say for DirecTV for $15 only to find out later you could have got the same thing from Abacus Affiliates for $18?

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