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Jeremy Schoemaker, otherwise known as Shoemoney, is a somewhat legendary Internet marketer and blogger who is famous for, amongst other things, being extremely successful with the Google AdSense program. One of the most famous links on his website is an image of him holding an AdSense check for nearly $133,000 in 2005.

Detailed Overview

The beginnings of Jeremy Schoemaker’s online career began in 1995. He had graduated from high school and was working at a well-known national retailer when he was approached by someone looking to hire him to work for their newly created Internet service provider company. Because of his technical background, Jeremy found the job to be challenging and rewarding. Among the things he did were learning how to manage servers, build websites and develop security systems.

He remained in this position for a couple of years and then returned to college to complete his degree. It was during this time that he founded his first business which was centered around Apple Macintosh gaming. Quite by accident, he was contacted by a company that produced the games and they wanted to advertise on his website since it had become very popular. That is when Jeremy became aware of the true power of creating websites that people would want to visit and then monetize them with advertiser dollars.

However, in 2000, when the dot com bubble burst, Jeremy found himself struggling for income and at a new low point in his life. He was severely overweight, deep in debt and smoking over two packs of cigarettes a day. Around this time, he met his future wife who encouraged him to get back to what he knew how to do well, create websites that people want to visit. In 2003, he began doing just that and became incredibly successful with his ringtone community website that was the source of his infamous AdSense check. Around the same time, Jeremy made massive changes to his personal life which included losing over 200 pounds, quitting smoking and starting a family.

Leveraging on his success, in 2007 Jeremy founded another company known as AuctionAds. The idea behind AuctionAds was to serve ads that were running on eBay on contextually relevant websites. The idea was so successful that it was purchased within six months of its creation by a larger competitor.

Today, Jeremy spends much of his time on his main website and blog where he talks about his successes and failures in his online marketing career and also helps others achieve their own goals. Since his only career began in 2003, Jeremy has established himself as one of the most successful affiliate marketers in the world having earned millions of dollars in that time.


Jeremy Schoemaker is one of the most well known and well respected Internet marketers in the world today. From his humble beginnings in 2003, Jeremy overcame significant odds to become one of the most successful super affiliates anywhere earning millions of dollars in that time. He lives in Lincoln, Nebraska with his wife and two children and continues to help other affiliate marketers grow their own businesses.

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