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Biggest Edu Scam Ever Shut Down: Gigats.com & Softrock Fraud

EducationMatch, Softrock and Gigats all part of largest EDU scam ever – fined $90 Million by the FTC as part of settlement. Owner Ayman...

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Retail’s Cold War: The Screen That Froze the Supermarket Aisles

In the ever-changing realm of marketing and consumer packaged goods (CPG), one thing stands clear: adaptability is...
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A Blueprint to Banish Ad Fraud for Good: Curtailing the Covert Culprit

Here me out: I know why ad fraud is so pervasive, and how to stop it. 

The MediaMath Debacle: Is This Ad Tech’s Theater of the Absurd?

In the tumultuous world of business, where the unexpected often becomes the norm, the recent acquisition of...

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