Will iPhone5 Hurt Android?


Mobile advertisers are going crazy over the iPhone 5 right now. It is completely understandable too, as this new phone offers many things that we have never seen in a smartphone before. However, everyone knows that marketers have long preferred advertising with Android, simply due to its higher popularity with smartphone users. So, I am interested to see what impact the new device release from Apple will have on Android’s overall popularity and in effect its advertising value. The new iPhone 5 is a huge competitor with any and all devices that run Android operating systems, and most predictions are optimistic about consumers loving the new device.

It has already been predicted by Bloomberg, reported by the Washington Post, that Apple will sell 48.2 million iPhone 5 devices by December of this year, accounting for the upcoming holiday season. With that many devices being sold in such a short amount of time, you would think it would give Google something to worry about. If Android were to lose popularity with consumers, it would consequently lose popularity with marketers, therefor putting Google’s Android in a pretty rough spot. There are predictions that are expecting just that occurrence, but there is one particular reporting by ZD Net, a digital marketing news website, that makes me believe otherwise.

“It’s finally here. An iPhone with 4G LTE. Great new video and still photo features. Turn-by-turn directions. Bigger and thinner. Better performance. And the corners are still round (take that, Samsung!). All of which amounts to a big “meh” for the legions of Android superphone users and even for those who have opted for inexpensive Android devices.”

Basically ZD Net writer, Christopher Dawson, is saying that Android users are not impressed. Of course, the iPhone 5 is an impressive piece of machinery, but many Android users are saying that they will remain loyal to their favorite operating system. However, Apple has delivered another huge, possibly threatening blow to Android’s success.

One thing that might give Google pause? The iPhone 4 is now free with a contract, meaning that Android OEMs will need to work harder for the low end of the market. However, there are plenty of great free Android phones, too.

Dawson is clearly in favor of Android winning this fight, and there is good chance that it will come out slightly battered but still on top. For now, Google is relieved at the responses of Android users to the new iPhone. Android users will continue to love the operating system they have grown so accustomed to. It usually takes more than a flashy new device to win over consumers, especially in huge numbers. However, it would be unwise to think that Apple’s new device will have absolutely no impact on Android’s popularity or marketing success. With such an innovative new smartphone available, Apple will definitely be gaining a bit more popularity from smartphone using consumers, and many advertisers may just find the break they need with the iPhone 5.

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