Facebook Search Engine?


According to Greenlight digital marketing agency, if Facebook launched a search engine tomorrow, they would immediately have at least a quarter of the entire global search engine market. This has to scare Google, as it would immediately be a huge threat to Google’s search engine dominance.

“These stats therefore suggest Facebook could capture around 22% of the global search market by simply launching its own search engine tomorrow morning (the ‘Definitely’, ‘Probably’, and half of the ‘Don’t know’ respondents combined),” said Greenlight CEO Andreas Pouros “It wouldn’t need to be a spectacular engine either, just well integrated into the Facebook experience and generally competent.”

Currently Google has 66.4% of the market, followed by Microsoft/Bing with 15.3, and Yahoo with a diminishing 13.8% of the market. Adding in Facebook to the mix would change the entire market completely.  According to the survey, Facebook might be able to take a majority of the market, because of its huge growth and the immense amount of time people stay on Facebook.

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