Target Audiences on Twitter


Twitter is one of the most successful social media sites on the Internet today, with millions and millions of users. There’s a high chance that your target audience there too – spending time tweeting and socializing. By effectively engaging with them, you’ll not only build a list of prospects, but also be able to connect with other influencers in your market. Here are a few tips to help you connect and engage with your target audience on Twitter to get the best possible results…

#1: Decide on Your Target Goal

Before you get on to Twitter, you need to determine your target goal. Knowing what you want to get out of Twitter will immensely help you create a strategy to reach your main objective. You can use Twitter to:

  • Build brand awareness and get more of your audience to trust you.
  • Share valuable information to pull your followers towards your main offer
  • Show a personal side of your company/business
  • Pre-sell your products or services to warm up your prospects.

The more clear you are about your goal on Twitter, the easier it will be for you to customize the experience for your followers. Ultimately, you want to ensure that each and every step that you take to engage with your audience yields long term results.

#2: Find and Connect to Influencers

Twitter is not just about finding people that want to buy your products or take your service. Your target audience also includes influencers and early adopters that can help you spread the word about your online business.

These influencers are usually bloggers and social media experts that are well known and trusted. By connecting with them, you can work out partnerships and/or recommend each other to build long term relationships.

The best way to find influencers is to browse through the followers and following list of known people within your industry. Once you find them, follow start to interact with them. The interaction includes:

  • Replying to their tweets
  • Re-tweeting for them
  • Asking them questions
  • Mentioning them in your tweets

In the beginning you may not get the kind of response you are looking for. But as time goes by, you’ll build an ongoing relationship with them, something you can leverage later on.

#3: Listen and Monitor Consistently

Success with Twitter is not just about making noise with your tweets, but it’s also about listening and monitoring Twitter’s stream. There’s a lot that goes in Twittersphere, and by listening effectively, you’ll not only know what your audience is talking about, but also about who they’re discussing.

Here, Twitter acts a reputation management tool for you and your business and at the same time lets you keep an eye on your competition. If you’re selling products of your own, your customers may be discussing your product or giving feedback (negative or positive). This helps you know and understand your target audience so that you can serve them better each day.

How do you use Twitter to connect to your target audience? Do comment below and share your experience.

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