In a move to bolster its digital marketing services, BNP Engage, the digital marketing services division of BNP Media, has acquired Creative MMS, a leading digital marketing firm. This acquisition is set to expand BNP Engage’s capabilities in digital marketing and further evolve BNP Media into a strategic digital marketing partner for clients.

Creative MMS has gained recognition for its expertise in B2B digital marketing, with a strong focus on web design and development, conversion rate optimization, strategy, content marketing, SEO, and social media. With this acquisition, BNP Engage aims to leverage Creative MMS’s experience to enhance its existing services and offer clients a comprehensive suite of digital marketing solutions.

“The combination of BNP Media’s audience knowledge and content expertise together with CMMS’s digital marketing savvy creates an unmatched resource in BNP Engage,” said Tagg Henderson, Co-CEO of BNP Media. “We’re thrilled to welcome Creative MMS into the BNP family to help our clients achieve their digital marketing goals and grow their businesses.”

The acquisition of Creative MMS complements BNP Engage’s existing customized offerings, which include Interactive Digital Marketing, eBooks, and Custom Content. This acquisition will provide a broader range of digital marketing solutions, allowing BNP Engage to become a strategic digital partner for clients and offer long-term and customized solutions to meet their business needs.

“We’ve always put being a strategic partner for those seeking the most effective digital marketing solution at the forefront, and this partnership elevates our ability to do that, for current and future partners,” said Ben LeDonni, founder and CEO of Creative MMS, who will remain as the President of BNP Engage. “Creative MMS has a lot of experience in B2B marketing, and we’re excited to bring that expertise to BNP Engage.”

With this acquisition, BNP Engage aims to position itself as a leader in digital marketing services, catering to the needs of B2B businesses. Clients can expect to benefit from a comprehensive suite of digital marketing solutions that will drive growth and success for their businesses.

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