Friday, December 1, 2023

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Ad Fraud Detection Patent Approved for Dstillery

Dstillery is a US-based company, which is committed to fighting against the growing problem of digital advertisement fraud.  The problem, which has gotten a lot of coverage over the past year, is causing major issues with marketers, brands and virtually everyone else in the online marketing world.  With up to one third of all traffic being ‘non-intentional’ it is clear that this is a problem that must be addressed.

According to Dstillery, their US Patent 8,719,934 B2, which was recently approved and covers the methods, systems and media for detecting non-intended traffic using co-visitation will be a major step forward in the battle against ad fraud.

Tom Phillips, who is the CEO of Dstillery and the co-chair of the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s Traffic of Good Intent task force, is hoping their new systems will be adopted by other firms as well.  He stated “With other firms adopting this technology, we help establish greater trust and greater transparency for marketers using digital advertising.”  He went on to say that “while it’s just one step in the fight against fraud, it’s an important one in delivering real value to the marketers we serve.”

The system works by suspending buying impressions from brands or specific sites which have a significant amount of overlap in web visits.  This is, they have found, a major indicator that traffic is invalid in origin, often being sent by bots or malware.   By eliminating the ad purchases, the incentive for scammers goes away, and the incentive for the sites to help step up security is heightened.

While this certainly won’t put an end to all digital ad fraud, it is a move that will directly impact the major ad fraud networks, which have long been able to operate without much significant interruption.  Hopefully this new system will be as effective as Dstillery claims it can be.

Pesach Lattin
Pesach Lattin
Pesach "Pace" Lattin is one of the top experts in interactive advertising, affiliate marketing. Pesach Lattin is known for his dedication to ethics in marketing, and focus on compliance and fraud in the industry, and has written numerous articles for publications from MediaPost, ClickZ, ADOTAS and his own blogs.

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