Everyone knows that video is the best way to get your product name out there.  For generations marketers have been using video through the television, but for online advertising it has only become a real possibility over the last 5-10 years since most people now have broadband internet.  While using video on your blog or website is a great way to engage your followers and can even help with SEO when done properly, a study has found that most people don’t find videos using search engines from their mobile devices.

The majority of videos viewed on mobile phones and tablets, 67% in fact, are linked through social media networks.

This is one more piece of evidence that using social networks properly is one of the most important things for marketing experts to understand.  If a marketer is able to get one of their videos to go viral, even at a fairly small level, it can get them tens of thousands of viewers almost overnight.  Whether this leads to direct sales or brand recognition, it is an extremely effective strategy.

The total number of people who watch videos from their mobile devices is also growing rapidly with 35% of all people with mobile devices using them to watch videos.  This is about 78 million total people in the United States alone who are watching videos on their phones, tablets or other mobile devices.  This audience simply can’t be ignored by companies and marketers.

One last statistic from the study which was interesting is that the average person who uses their mobile device to watch videos watches about 24 minutes of video per day.  While some of this is undoubtedly movies and television shows, it still leaves a lot of time available for media which will help build brand awareness for marketers.

What types of videos do you use for your marketing?  Have you had any success with them going viral using social media?

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